How can i introduce this season in Hanoi? Basically it just a normal season in a year but actually when you live slowly you can feel autumn is much like a love story.

Throwback through the time a little it,in the past autumn has cool weather,yellow leaves,people would like to drive through the street to feel the weather and see the beautiful of the city.Now,the autumn is always be like that but there are more and more dusty,rainy…In here you can have the feelings like the old time but you only have that when you live slowly.There is a sentence that said “Hanoi is in no hurry”.That sentence is describe exactly right now

People always say “Autumn is the season of sadness”. Maybe it’s true or not. For me is true because i was have a crush for 2 years and i have been lughed for 2 months after 2 years in crush. It brings me sadness and makes me coldly with everyone i met. It creates my personality today like: don’t care anything, anyone, coldly and many more. To forget that i always go out alone and enjoy everything by myself.

To talk about food in autumn there are so much food. But the most popular in Hanoi is Cốm.Cốm is from Vòng Village and it made from sticky rice. It’s a traditional food in Hanoi.You can see this everywhere on the street. To enjoy this “snack” like a Hanoi-ers is sit down and take a beautiful view and take a wisp of Cốm and drink a cup of tea made from chrysanthemum. Don’t forget to enjoy the cool of autumn and the fragrant of the flower autumn calls “Hoa Sữa”.

There are many people say the autumn in Europe is the best. But they are forget Hanoi. Hanoi was influenced by the French culture for 61 years. You can see the people of Hanoi always proud the beautiful of antiquity. From the antiquity it brings a different view of people in the world about this city. The autumn in Hanoi is beautiful too. You can go to Phan Đình Phùng street to enjoy the yellow leaves or you can drive through the street to enjoy it.

So that is my opinion about the autumn in Hanoi. What about you guys? What is your opinion? I just want to tell you guys can come to Hanoi one time to enjoy it. Hope you can have the feelings like me. Love you guys so much!!

Nguyễn Minh Đức

Lớp 10A